August is Hair Loss Awareness Month

By:  Dr. Robert Leonard

It’s remarkable how swiftly an entire year has passed since the last observance of Hair Loss Awareness Month.

In consideration of this, we must reflect on a particularly alarming hair loss statistic: it is not until approximately 50% of an individual’s hair has already fallen out that they become aware of its thinning. By this stage, a considerable number of hairs have already undergone miniaturization and shedding, unknown to the person. This process has been underway for a significant duration before it catches their attention.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that hair loss affects approximately 50% of men and over a quarter of women. Check it out for yourself when you’re in a crowded public place. The primary culprit behind this widespread phenomenon is genetic hair loss, scientifically known as androgenetic alopecia, which tends to run in families and become evident during familial gatherings.

Given that genetic hair thinning and loss are progressive conditions, it is crucial not to ignore them and to seek suitable treatment quickly!

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