AUXO™ A300 Patient Testimonials

I've been struggling with hair loss since my early 20s. My hair has always been thin and has affected my confidence. I have tried many solutions including shampoos and rogaine with little success. I have even tried surgical options that did not work for me.

I recently started using the AUXO A300 laser cap. Even after only using the cap for a few months, my hair feels healthier and thicker. It only takes 10 minutes a day and has been an easy addition to my daily routines. It's nice to have a non surgical option to give me my confidence back!
I have been looking for a convenient solution to prevent hair loss for a long time, when Dr Leonard introduced me to the AUXO. It is incredibly easy to use and build into your daily habits - I just put it on for a short time as I read before bed. Perfect if you’re looking for a non-surgical solution.
When turning 40, I started to notice more and more hair loss. At first it wasn’t too alarming, but then gradually it became unsettling. I noticed myself becoming more self-conscious with simple, everyday activities like leaning forward at the gym or swimming in a pool. I reached a point where I looked for non-invasive solutions. At first, I was skeptical of a laser cap. How could that work? And how burdensome would that be to my everyday life since I have young kids at home?

But after speaking with Dr. Leonard, and learning more about the laser device, I felt much more confident. To my delight, the usage of it has been easy…and quick. I use it at night while reading just before bed. And, perhaps more importantly, I am pleased with the results. While I haven’t seen substantial hair regrowth yet, after less than a year I have prevented the progression of my hair loss in a major way. That’s a huge win in my opinion.
Around the age of 30, I started to notice differences with my hair. I first noticed more hair falling out while showering then normal. This prompted me to really look at my hairline, where I noticed thinning. At first, I tried to ignore the changes, I didn’t believe this was something that other people were noticing; however, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I admit that I was embarrassed by the loss, but I think I was even more embarrassed about reaching out for help. I finally decided that I needed to do something if I wanted to prevent the hair loss and contacted Dr. Leonard. He was fantastic at not only explaining what was occurring but also letting me know how common this can be. The doctor was thorough in explaining what my options were to stop the continued progression of hair loss and potentially regrowth of lost hair.

After my consultation with Dr. Leonard, we decided on a treatment plan. This plan consisted of taking medication to prevent hair loss and the daily use of a laser cap device. The laser device is so simple to use. It takes about 10 minutes a day. My normal routine is to wake up in the morning, place the device on my head, and enjoy a cup of coffee while eating breakfast. It’s that simple.

I’m 33 years old now. I absolutely have noticed a major difference since seeking consultation from Dr. Leonard and incorporating the medication along with the laser device. My hairline is no longer receding, and I’ve noticed that my hairline is thickening.

I highly recommend anyone who is experiencing hair loss or who wants to prevent hair loss to contact Dr. Leonard and discuss your options. Although I was embarrassed about losing hair and even asking for help, I couldn’t be happier that I reached out to him. The self-confidence that I have gained through working with Dr. Leonard has truly made me much happier in my everyday life.
I began noticing early thinning of my temples in my mid-20s. Most of the men in my family had early-onset male-pattern balding, and I was concerned that this was in my near future. I was determined for this not to be the case. I initially tried therapies such as minoxidil and finasteride. While this slowed my decline, I continued to have mild progression.

It was at this point that I sat down with Dr. Leonard. I was already on a satisfactory regimen, so we mostly discussed how the AUXO A300 laser cap targets hair follicles to improve blood supply and affect cellular metabolism. I came into the conversation a skeptic but his explanation of the science behind the product was rock-solid. I decided to give it a shot. A year later, I am so glad I did. Not only has any further progression halted, but I have even noticed some regrowth. The "V"s of hair loss cut into my temporal hairline have narrowed with improved density in the surrounding area as well.

It has been easy to implement in my day, as I just wear the cap while I brush my teeth and get ready for bed. I'd highly recommend the AUXO laser cap as an adjunct to any hair growth regimen.
Dr. Benjamin Kahn

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