Home Solutions for Hair Loss

Your hair is your crowning glory - we're here to help you keep it!

Dr. Robert Leonard, a leader in hair restoration techniques for over 35 years, founded Hair Health Institute in 2002 to provide the very best home-based products to maintain & regrow your hair. Dr. Leonard is the founder of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates, Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Fellow, Founding Secretary, and Past President of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), and Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). In his practice, he has treated thousands of patients experiencing hair loss and throughout his career he has always been at the forefront of evolving therapies & products designed to treat hair loss. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about Dr. Leonard, our team, and our best in class non-surgical solutions for hair loss!

Take Control of your Hair Loss in 10 Minutes a Day

The AUXO A300™ is truly one of the most effective treatments for people suffering from hair loss! The device uses surface mount technology (SMT) laser diodes that spread wider & penetrate deeper with more energy than other laser devices. Used in the privacy of your own home or while commuting, working or traveling and worn for only 10 minutes a day, this treatment allows for excellent therapy AND fantastic convenience during your hair restoration journey.

Stop Hair Loss

90% of people will see a slow down or stopped progression of hair loss, leading to less shedding and fewer hairs in your brush.

Regrow Hair

60% of people will re-grow miniaturized hair into longer, thicker, and darker hairs. That means no more struggling with see-through hair!

Daily Cost

Less than a cup of coffee. Using the AUXO A300™ daily for 5 years, means you’ll only pay $1.64 per day to keep your hair!

See why Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington recommends
Copper Chemist!

Copper Chemist Shampoo

  • Leaves your hair healthier, stronger and thicker
  • Copper peptides nourish the scalp, promoting greater hair density
  • Gently cleanses without the use of damaging sulfates, phthalates and parabens
  • Refreshing & natural Rosemary Mint scent for a spa-like feel

Copper Chemist Conditioner

  • Copper peptides strengthen hair for a fuller and thicker look
  • Provides a healthy shine and easy manageability when used daily
  • Gently conditions without the use of damaging sulfates, phthalates and parabens
  • Refreshing & natural Rosemary Mint scent for a spa-like feel

Copper Chemist Hair Mask

  • Nourishes the cuticle of the hair to provide manageability and shine
  • Apply weekly to add deep & significant moisture to your hair and improves the health of your scalp
  • Pair with Copper Chemist Shampoo & Conditioner for the best results
  • Refreshing & natural Rosemary Mint scent for a spa-like feel

Copper Chemist Hair Repair

  • Instantly repairs split ends and prevents further damage of the hair shaft
  • Copper peptides work to repair damaged hair so that it keeps growing longer and healthier
  • Apply weekly to make hair softer & more manageable
  • Refreshing & natural Rosemary Mint scent for a spa-like feel

Something that is very important for me and my family is to use as few chemicals as possible in what we put on our bodies. I was pleased to learn that the Copper Chemist brand uses all-natural ingredients to clean the scalp and hair. I have been very pleased with how my hair feels and looks, and also that the products don’t contain parabens and sulfates that are in almost every other product.


Copper Chemist has been a godsend to me. My hair has been very dry & frizzy and no other brand, from inexpensive to very expensive, has helped me. In addition to my regular Shampoo and Conditioner use, the “magic potions” of the Hair Mask and the Hair Repair products really moisturize my hair so it is actually soft! I can leave the house now without taking a half hour getting my hair under control.


I had been looking for a convenient solution to prevent hair loss for a long time when Dr. Leonard introduced me to the AUXO A300. It is incredibly easy to use and build into your daily habits - I just put it on for a short time as I read before bed. Perfect if you’re looking for a non-surgical solution.