Copper Chemist Patient Testimonials

My hair has been thin and limp for my whole life. I’ve used scores of hair care products that have done very little for me until I discovered Copper Chemist. Since using the product line for the last nine months, my hair is thicker, fuller, and more manageable. For the first time in my life, people actually compliment me on my hair!.
Copper Chemist has been a godsend to me. My hair has been very dry & frizzy and no other brand, from inexpensive to very expensive, has helped me. In addition to my regular Shampoo and Conditioner use, the “magic potions” of the Hair Mask and Hair Repair products really moisturize my hair so it is actually soft! I can leave the house now without taking a half hour getting my hair under control.
I’m a guy with very fine hair that is very see-through and that embarrasses me. I heard about Dr. Leonard because he is a well-known hair doctor in New England where I live. As an expert, he knows what is needed to help people like me. He designed Copper Chemist to make hair thicker and fuller and healthier, which is exactly what it does for me. Thanks, Dr. Leonard!
Something that is very important for me and my family is to use as few chemicals as possible in what we put on our bodies. I was pleased to learn that the Copper Chemist brand uses all-natural ingredients to clean the scalp and the hair. I have been very pleased both with how my hair feels and looks, and also that the products don’t contain parabens and sulfates that almost every other product does.


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