Copper Chemist Hair Care Products

Healthy and Luxurious Hair Care

Specially formulated hair care products that repair, replenish and sustain the fullest, softest, most luxurious and manageable hair health.

Copper Chemist Hair Care Products

Healthy and Luxurious Hair Care

Specially formulated hair care products that repair, replenish and sustain the fullest, softest, most luxurious and manageable hair health.

Copper Chemist Hair and Scalp Products

I have been medically and aesthetically caring for women and men who are concerned about their hair for more than 35 years.  Most are worried that their hair that is not being like or behaving as they would like it to be.  Because of what I have chosen as my lifetime passion and career, many people seeking my expertise are concerned about the feel and look of their hair—usually due to the fact that their hair is thinning.

Every single one of us who cares about the health of our hair is seeking out products that will maintain healthy follicles so that they will develop the softest, thickest, and most resilient hair shafts, which lead to that beautiful look and feel of luxurious hair we all desire.

Well, have I got the recommendation for you—and, with both aesthetic and medical reasons to use them!

Over the last several years, I have researched and tested various natural-based ingredients to create the latest iteration of my expanded Copper Chemist line of hair and scalp care products.  There are several reasons, anatomically and physiologically, why I chose each and every ingredient for the products in this new line.  What is very important for you to know is that the vast majority of products in the marketplace contain chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and many other chemicals that actually can cause damage to the structure of the hair shaft.  Our Copper Chemist product line does not!

Ingredients for Damage Repair and Proper Hair Health

I believe that, since we are born with every follicle we shall ever have throughout our lives, it is critical to treat them with great care and to provide nourishment to them with every cleaning and styling process that is undertaken.  Additionally, simply by living in our world of UV radiation from the sun, pollution in our water and within our atmosphere, and processing our hair in various ways we do, the anatomy of the scalp hair shafts become altered and damaged.  These thousands of micro-injuries that hair sustains day after day translate into limp, dull, thin, and damaged hair!

My overriding goal with all of my Copper Chemist products is to repair, to replenish, and to sustain the fullest, softness, most manageable, and luxurious hair to grow healthily on your heads.

I have created an ingredient list of natural products, each of which was personally chosen by me to create, what I think is the very best formulae to provide not only hair heath, but scalp health, as well.  After all, a healthy scalp supports healthy follicles, which grow healthy hair.

Copper Chemist Shampoo



Formulated for all hair types and especially effective for thinning hair. Copper Peptides have been proven to help hair restoration. Aloe, Green Tea and Red Algae also promote anti-microbial factions, moisturizing and strengthening of hair and scalp hydration.

Copper Chemist Conditioner



Carefully curated raw materials utilize the best of nature to help soften and smooth your strands of hair after shampooing. Copper Peptide helps thicken hair and promotes good health of hair follicles and scalp.

Here is what others say about copper chemist

“When Doctor Leonard first suggested I try Copper Chemist, I was skeptical, but after using it for a month now, my hair feels fuller and shinier and healthier.”

Mary Stevens, Accountant

Copper Chemist Hair Repair


STEP Three: HAIR REpair

Will instantly repair a split end. It has very small beads that will target the damage on your hair, migrate right to the split end and deposit the nutritive ingredients onto the damaged site to help nourish it, while sealing the split end as it dries.


GHK-Cu or Copper Tripeptide-1 can be found in the human body.  However, as we age the level drops from around 200ng/ml to 80 ng/ml.  This protein compound is made up of 3 amino acids and can be found in various cosmetic products.  Some of these include shampoos and conditioners as well as antiaging treatments.  The reason copper peptides are so popular among many topical treatments, is because of the multitude of benefits it provides for the skin and hair.

Benefits of Copper Peptides

Hair growth: As mentioned before, copper peptides have been shown to assist with hair growth.  Copper Tripeptide-1 has even been shown to have a similar result on hair growth as a 5% minoxidil treatment. Minoxidil treatments are used to treat hair loss, more specifically androgenic alopecia, more commonly known as male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss.

Copper Peptides help encourage hair growth by blocking the hormone (DHT), which has been shown to curb hair growth. DHT is converted from testosterone thanks to the enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase.  Copper peptides, however, can help to stop this process because of their ability to obstruct the enzyme; therefore, blocking the production of DHT and helping to prevent further hair loss.

Copper Chemist Hair Mask



This hair mask is created to be an easy rinse mask. Although it’s packed with a ton of oils and Shea Butter, once water hits the gel, the mask will emulsify and turn into a milk and easily rinse out. This way you don’t have to wash your hair multiple times to get it out, won’t leave your hair greasy like typical masks. Once you see the white all washed out you know it’s been properly rinsed..