Copper Chemist Hair Care Products


Our exclusive collection of specially formulated hair care products that repair, replenish, and sustain the health of your hair & scalp.

$34.00 available on subscription from $34.00 $30.00 / month
$34.00 available on subscription from $34.00 $30.00 / month
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$20.00 available on subscription from $20.00 $17.50 / month

Copper Chemist

All our hair care products are sulfate, paraben, and phthalate free

Created by Hair Restoration Expert Dr. Robert Leonard

For more than 35 years, I have dedicated my career to medically and aesthetically caring for patients who have concerns about their hair. Time and again, individuals seek my expertise, worried about their hair’s texture and behavior, particularly in the face of thinning.

I’ll tell you what I have told them; if you are trying to take care of your hair, the most important thing to look for are hair care products with ingredients that preserve healthy follicles. It is critical to understand that in order to truly obtain great hair, it is necessary to have a healthy scalp.  A healthy scalp creates the perfect milieu to have healthy follicles to grow healthy hair.  It’s that simple.  Unfortunately, most hair care products from discount stores to the most expensive ones offered in high-end salons and bespoke websites, do not address the conditioning of the scalp as the actual foundation leading to healthier and thicker hair.  My Copper Chemist™ products hold the promise of nurturing the softest, thickest, and most resilient strands, ultimately resulting in the luxurious hair we all yearn for.

Too good to be true? It’s not! Through years of meticulous research and rigorous testing, I formulated the Copper Chemist™ line of hair & scalp care products, harnessing the power of natural ingredients. Each ingredient has been thoughtfully chosen by me, considering both anatomical and physiological factors.

The vast majority of products on the market contain chemicals like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and numerous other potentially harmful substances that can be detrimental to the hair shaft’s structure. Rest assured, our Copper Chemist™ product line stands apart, consciously free from such harmful agents. I invite you to discover the transformative power of our Copper Chemist™ hair care product line, where efficacy and luxury combine for radiant hair & scalp health.

*Copper Chemist ingredients are all natural and separation may occur. Shake well before using.


GHK-Cu or Copper Tripeptide-1 can be found in the human body. However, as we age, the level drops from around 200ng/ml to 80 ng/ml. This protein compound is made up of 3 amino acids and can be found in various cosmetic products. The reason Copper Peptides are so popular among many topical treatments, is because of the multitude of benefits they provide the skin and hair.

The biggest benefit of Copper Peptides is that they have been shown to assist with hair growth. Copper Tripeptide-1 has been shown to have a similar result on hair growth as a 5% minoxidil treatment. Minoxidil treatments are used to treat hair loss, specifically androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss.

Copper Peptides help encourage hair growth by blocking the hormone (DHT), which has been shown to curb hair growth. DHT is converted from testosterone thanks to the enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase. Copper Peptides, however, can help to stop this process because of their ability to obstruct the enzyme; therefore, blocking the production of DHT and helping to prevent further hair loss.


It was more than 50 years ago when I sold my first bottle of suntan lotion on the beaches of Daytona Beach, FL. Since that time, I have developed hundreds of brands from sunscreen to anti-aging products, and more than 600 formulas for some of the world’s most luxurious resort hotels and branding companies.

In all that time, I have never met anyone more passionate about his calling than Dr. Robert Leonard. Doc is a world renowned hair restoration expert and for decades had multiple offices in the New England area serving thousands of patients including professional athletes and celebrities.

When Dr. Leonard couldn’t find a shampoo and conditioner to meet his high standards, he developed his own. Working with Doc was an inspiration and he always had the same answer for all development questions asked of him: “I want the best.”

He broke barriers with his unique formulas especially with the use of Copper Peptides in his product. The results are high efficacy, proprietary formulas hand-crafted to meet the needs of his hair restoration patients.

For more than 10 years, Copper Chemist products have led the industry in innovation and performance. With Dr. Leonard at the helm, the hair care product line will continue to evolve and flourish.

Copper Chemist Shampoo

Step 1


Formulated for all hair types and especially effective for thinning hair. Copper Peptides have been proven to help hair restoration. Aloe, Green Tea and Red Algae moisturize & strengthen the hair and scalp.

Copper Chemist Conditioner

Step 2


Carefully curated raw materials utilize the best of nature to help soften and smooth your strands of hair after shampooing. Copper Peptide helps thicken hair and promotes good health of hair follicles and scalp.

Copper Chemist Hair Repair

Step 3


Will instantly repair a split end. It has very small beads that will target the damage on your hair, migrate right to the split end and deposit the nutritive ingredients onto the damaged site to help nourish it, while sealing the split end as it dries.

Copper Chemist Hair Mask

Step 4


This hair mask is created to be an easy rinse mask. Although it’s packed with a ton of oils and Shea Butter, once water hits the gel, the mask will emulsify and easily rinse out. It won’t leave your hair greasy like typical masks!