As a woman in her 70’s with thinning hair, I thought that there would nothing that would make a difference for me. I was wrong! Dr. Leonard recommended the Capillus Rx cap for me. It took some months to work, be it stopped the shedding in my brush! After about ten months of use, my hairdresser is seeing new growth—and so am I. I’m very happy!
It’s no fun losing your hair as a young guy. I have been using Propecia that gave me good results in my bald spot area, but I was continuing to thin in the front and top of my head. I started the CapillusRx about six months ago and already I am beginning to see my hair getting thicker. Thank you, Doctor Leonard!
I bought my CapillusRX laser cap from the Hair Health Institute just about a year ago. As a 64-year-old very busy orthopedic surgeon, I needed an effective treatment for my hair loss that would not take too much time to use. Treatment time is only for six minutes each day. I didn’t want to take any medications. This device fit the bill for me. I’ve taken photos of my progress. Dr. Robert Leonard was right—it takes time to become effective, but it took years to lose my hair. Since I had success, I bought one for my son and one for my mother-in-law!
TD, Doctor
Menopause…ugh! Once I turned 49, my already slightly thinning hair got worse in a hurry! I was seeing hairs on my clothes and in the shower. When a close friend asked me about it, I broke into tears. She was a hairdresser who new Dr. Leonard personally. He recommended the CapillusRx cap for me. Now, though menopause still isn’t any fun, at least my hair shedding has stopped. He told me that I would have to wait about a year to start to see regrowth. I can be patient for new growth. I’m actually very happy that I’m now losing it anymore!
WOW is all that I can say! Really, I’m happy with the results and it’s only been eight months since I began my treatment with the CapillusRX laser cap. Simple to use with great results. What more can I say?