Dr. Leonard CV

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Dr. Leonard’s Curriculum Vitae


Name: Robert Thomas Leonard, Jr., DO

  • Director, New England Cosmetics
  • Director, Hair Health Institute
  • Founder, Leonard Hair Transplant Associates

Date of Birth: April 17, 1959
Place of Birth: Cambridge, Massachusetts USA
Work Address: 300 Centerville Road, South Building, Suite 202A Warwick, RI 02886 USA
Work Phone: +1-401-922-2100
Work FAX: +1-401-943-3690


Undergraduate Degree
University of New Hampshire, Major: B.A. Zoology, Minor: Psychology, 1981

Medical Degree
University of New England, DO, 1986


Metropolitan General Hospital, 1987

Parkview Hospital, Family Practice, 1988

Dr. Constantine P. Chambers, Chambers Hair Institute, Hair Restoration Surgery


Recipient, Golden Follicle Award, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery – 2020

Fellow, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

Fellow, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Rome Award for Ethics in Hair Restoration Surgery

Peak Award for Achievements in Hair Restoration Surgical Techniques and State-of-the Art Technologies

Milestone Award for Ethics in Hair Restoration Surgery

International Archimedes Award for Excellence in the Field of Hair Restoration Surgery

Continuing Medical Education Award from International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Certified FotoFacial RF Practitioner for Photo-rejuvenation and Hair Removal

Successful Completion of AMI Master Course Training Program for Botox Cosmetic, Juvéderm Collection of Fillers, and Kybella, 2019

Successful Completion of In-Service Clinical Training on the Cutera TruSculpt ID System


Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Dermatology, University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine


South County Hospital, Department of Surgery

Rhode Island Hospital, Department of Medicine


State of Rhode Island
Secretary, Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline, 1991-1999
Chairman, Osteopathic Medical Licensure Committee, 1991-1999

Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States

University of New England
Board of Trustees, 2007-2017
Board of Trustees, 1991-1997


Journal of Laser Therapeutics, March 2007, The Current Role of Lase/Light Sources in the Treatment of Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss

Hair Transplantation, 4th Edition, 2004: by Unger and Shapiro, Chapters Author: Patient Expectations, Surgical Options Based on Age, Ethnicity, and Sex

Dermatologic Surgery, October 2002: The Potential Role of Minoxidil in Hair Transplantation Setting

The DO, August 2002: Doctoring the Doctor—Can Physicians Heal Themselves?

Cosmetic Dermatology, May 2001: Hair Restoration in Patients Who Have Had Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Ageless, 1997 by Elaine Brumberg: Quoted in Chapter, Hair Today, regarding Hair Transplants


American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

  • -Hollywood, FL, January 2016

Harvard Medical School’s Plastic Surgery Department

  • -Boston, MA, April 2017, “Hair Restoration Treatments”
  • -Boston, MA, January 2016, “Overview of Hair Restoration Surgery”
  • -Boston, MA, July 2014, Surgery Grand Rounds
  • -Boston, MA, May 2011, “Cosmetic Core Curriculum – Cosmetic Surgery 2011”

Rhode Island Society of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons Yankee Conference

  • -Newport, RI, August 2009, “Minimally Invasive Treatments of the Aging Face”

Vermont State Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons

  • – Stowe, VT, October 2005, “Latest Treatments for Hair Loss: A 2005 Update”
  • – Stowe, VT, October 2005, “Rejuvenating the Aging Face”

International Society of Aesthetic Medicine

  • Future Trends in Esthetic Medicine and Dentistry
    • – The Hair Loss Consultation—Tips and Tricks
    • – Lindau Island, Germany, June 2018

Skin Medicine

  • -Providence, RI, June 2002
  • -Warwick, RI, December 2006

Photo-Rejuvenation Update-Intense Pulsed Light Institute

  • – Minneola, NY, January 2001

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery/American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

  • – Rancho Mirage, CA, January 1997


The Beijing News (Beijing, China)

  • – 09/05

The Boston Globe

  • -07/16: “Wes Welker returns to promote his hair doctor”
  • -06/15: “Wes Welker plays bartender to celebrate hair doctor Robert Leonard”
  • -01/15: “Five things you should know about Robert Leonard”
  • -06/14: “Wes Welker would like to talk about his new hair”
  • -06/13: “Welker back in town to promote the doctor who performed his hair transplant surgery”
  • -01/11: “He’s Got It All Covered”
  • -01/98: “The Deep Roots of Stress Over Male Hair Loss”

The Boston Herald

  • -07/17: “Spirits high at celebrity bartender event for Dr. Leonard”
  • -07/16: “Hair’s to Pats’ luscious locks”
  • -06/15: “Rob Ninkovich, Wes Welker, and Chris Gronkowski Host Celebrity Bartending Event at Capital Grille with Leonard Hair Transplant Associates to Benefit American Heart Association”
  • -10/14: The Inside Track “New England Patriot Rob Ninkovich has decided to go the Wes Welker route and get him some hair.”
  • -06/14: “Welker back in New England at a meet and greet event with hair replacement surgeon Dr. Robert Leonard”
  • -04/13: “Hair-raising tales finally out!”
  • -02/08: “With His Genes, Tom’s headed for Hairy Situation” Interview with Dr. Leonard About Tom Brady’s Hair

The Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL)

  • -10/16: “”Brian Scalabrine becoming a pitchman for hair transplantation”

The Fall River Herald News (Providence, RI)

  • – 09/93: “Osteopathic Doctors Elect President”

Guangzhou Daily (Guangzhou, China)

  • 09/05

The Hellenic Chronicle

  • – 01/98: “Stands Out”
  • – 11/97: “Doctor Lectures in Italy”
  • – 08/97: “Dr. Robert Leonard Named Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery”
  • – 07/97: “Dr. Robert Leonard Lectures in Rome, Italy”
  • – 06/96: “Dr. Robert Leonard Address Italian Society for Hair Restoration”
  • – 10/95: “Boston Area Physician Named President of International Medical Society”
  • – 09/94: “Dr. Robert T. Leonard Elected VP of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery”
  • – 04/94: “Modern Technology Can Fool Mother Nature and Restore Hair Permanently”
  • – 12/91: “Dr. Robert Leonard Appointed to Medical Board”

The London Times (London, England)

  • – 06/08: “Best Way to Beat Hair Loss Requires the Cruelest Cut”

Il Resto del Carlino (Modena, ITALY)

  • -06/05: “Sui capelli efferto Silvio”

The Los Angeles Times

  • -02/96: Interview: “Rogaine Going Over the Counter”

Maeil Business Newspaper (Seoul, South Korea)

  • – 07/05: “Hair Restoration Surgery, Psychological Aspects of Hair Loss, Myths About Hair Loss and Propecia® Therapy”

The Narragansett Times (Narragansett, RI)

  • – 09/13: “Narragansett’s Dr. Leonard utilizes modern approach to age old problem”
  • – 11/07: “Narragansett Doc re-certified by American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery”
  • – 01/02: “There are Non-Surgical Solutions to Skin Problems”
  • – 08/00: “Surgeon Featured on the Internet”
  • – 01/00: “Hair Transplants: It’s Not Astro-turf’”
  • – 04/99: “Local Doctor is Featured on Cable News”
  • – 09/98: “Leonard Honored in Italy”
  • – 01/98: “Receives Board Certification”
  • – 08/97: “Hair Restoration at Any Age”
  • – 05/97: “Local Doctor Presents Lecture”
  • – 04/97: “Speaks on Hair Loss”
  • – 02/97: “Splitting Hairs”
  • – 08/96: “Medical Specialist Interviewed”
  • – 03/96: “Speaks at Workshop”
  • – 03/96: “Honored By Governor”
  • – 09/95: “Named President of Medical Society”
  • – 05/95: “Lectures in Florida”
  • – 02/95: “Accepted Into the Premier Group”
  • – 11/94: “Lectures in Greece”
  • – 10/94: “Elected Vice President of Hair Restoration Society”
  • – 12/93: “Branch of Medicine Misunderstood”
  • – 09/93: “Latest Options Available for those Suffering from Hair Loss”

The New York Post (New York, NY)

  • – 10/07: “Hair Apparent – Survey says bald is bad for business – but is it?”

Providence Business News (Providence, RI)

  • -10/16: “Five Questions with Dr. Robert Leonard”
  • -04/16: “Leonard honored with outstanding service award”
  • -02/14: “Dr. Leonard named hair-restoration society fellow”
  • -07/13: “Baldness doesn’t have to be forever”
  • -12/10: “Dr. Robert Leonard Reveals Top 5 Tips for Recognizing Hair Loss in Men and Women”
  • -11/10: “New Survey Finds Majority of People Cannot Detect a Hair Transplant”
  • -10/10: “Dr. Robert Leonard to Perform Live Surgery at Annual Meeting for International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery”
  • -07/10: “Dr. Leonard Re-Appointed to University Board”
  • – 05/10: “Robert Leonard Appointed to The American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Advisory Council”
  • – 03/08: “Leonard First to Offer Baldness Gene Test”
  • – 11/07: “Buying a Touch of Youth, Beauty”
  • – 11/06: “Hair Doctor’ Seeks Input to Improve Shampoo Line”
  • – 07/05: “Hair Restoration Surgeon Launches ‘Make Hair Loss History’ Contest”
  • – 01/04: “Health Care” clip
  • – 06/03: “Cranston Surgeon Offers Hair-raising Technology”
  • – 03/02: Business Notes, International Archimedes Award
  • – 10/98: “Dr. Leonard Becomes President of Osteopathic Society”
  • – 11/95: “Turning Hair Transplants Into a Growth Business”
  • – 10/94: “Highlights from Dr. Leonard’s Presentations at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Shanghai Morning Post (Shanghai, China)

  • – 09/05

The Providence Journal (Providence, RI)

  • -07/17: “Ninkovich enters his 12th season”
  • -07/17: “Welker takes a new route”
  • -07/16: “Wes Welker dealing with life without football”
  • -02/14: “New procedures provide tress relief for hair-loss sufferers”
  • -02/12: “All About You”
  • -08/11: “We asked hair-loss expert Dr. Robert Leonard what he thought of the HairMax LaserComb”
  • -07/11: “Hollywood’s worst hairlines rated”
  • -01/11: “Bald is Beautiful, If You Groom”
  • -07/10: “Robert T. Leonard Jr, D.O,, of Narragansett has been reappointed to the Board of Trustees of at The University of New England, Biddeford, Maine”
  • -05/10: “Hair Restoration Surgery Advisory Council”
  • -06/09: “Win a free hair transplant”
  • -03/07: “Pat and Tom Branca under infrared lights to stimulate hair growth”
  • -07/06: “Mid Lives, A New Look”
  • – 01/04: Business Notes
  • – 01/04: “What Would it Cost to be Redone from Head to Toe”
  • – 01/04: “Buying a New You”
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  • – 04/01: “Patient Expectations”
  • – 03/99: “Give Me a Man with Hair” (Dr. Leonard feature story)
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  • – 03/99: “He Got Back a Mirror Image of His Old Self”
  • – 03/99: “If You Have Any Hair at All, Surgery Can Spread It Around”
  • – 10/96: “On the Cutting Edge”
  • – 09/91: “Plugging Away at Lost Hairline Isn’t in Vain” (Dr. Leonard feature story)

USA Today

  • – 07/12: “Patriots’ Wes Welker undergoes hair transplant”

Wall Street Journal

  • – 11/03: “Beyond the Comb-Over”


Boston Magazine (Boston, MA)

  • – October, 2016: “Top Doctors”

Cosmetic Surgery Times

  • – 01/05: “Infrared Light Returns Hair to ‘Growing Phase’ – European Treatment Increases Capillary Blood Flow to Dermis and Oxygenation to Dermal Papilla”


  • – 11/13: “How to have a bald spot”

Fitness Magazine

  • -02/14: “Tressed to Impress”
  • -12/97: Interview: “Botched Brows”, regarding Eyebrow Transplantation

GQ Magazine

  • -01/07: “A Whole New Bald Game”, Interview re: Cloning and Luce Low Level Light Therapy

Glamour Magazine

  • – 03/98: Interview: “Are You Losing Too Much Hair?”

Maximum Fitness

  • -11/08: “Growing Problems. Five Solutions for Vanishing Follicles”

Men’s Health

  • -02/08: Interview: “Reverse Your Losses”


  • – 02/04: “Hope Sprouts Eternal”


  • – 03/15: “Get back the hair you had”
  • – 05/14: “8 ways to disguise thinning hair”
  • – 03/11: “Best Treatments and Styles for Thinning Hair”

Providence Monthly (Providence, RI)

  • – 07/11: “Your Face Will Freeze That Way”

Rhode Island Monthly

  • -05/07: “Top Doctors for Women”

Self Magazine

  • – 03/96: Interview: “Cutting Your Losses” – Female-Pattern Baldness

Star Magazine

  • -01/07: “Just Asking”—Why is Idol’s Justin Guarini Wearing a Wig?”
  • -09/06: “Knifestyles of the Rich and Famous” –Mel Gibson, His Hairline Is Growing
  • -05/06: “Knifestyles of the Rich and Famous” –Jeremy Piven, New Expanded hairline
  • – 09/05: “Knifestyles of the Rich and Famous” -Actor Rob Schneider Has New Hair

The Women’s Page

  • – 04/04: “Am I Losing My Hair, or Just My Mind?”
  • – 02/04: “Hair Removal at its Finest!”
  • – 01/04: “Women’s Hair Loss”


Cosmo Radio – Sirius XM

  • -INTERVIEW: “Summertime Hair Loss Myths”
  • -05/11: Cocktails with Patrick

Get In Bed with Cosmo Show

  • -INTERVIEW: “Pubic and Transgender Hair Restoration”
  • -06/09: Cosmo Radio / SIRIUS Satellite Radio

WBZ Water Cooler

  • Feature: “Eyebrow Transplants”
  • -02/13: WBZ-AM Boston

Making Money Show with David Brochu & Betsey Purinton

  • -INTERVIEW: “Local businesses that are thriving during these tough economic times”
    -06/09: WPRV-AM

“The Joan Rivers Show”

  • INTERVIEW: “Treatments of Female Pattern Hair Loss”
  • – 01/01: WOR-AM


Health Check10 with Barbara Morse Silva WJAR-TV (NBC) (Providence, RI)

  • -03/18: “Women and hair loss – the introduction of the CapillusRx”
  • -07/16: “Seasonal hair loss”
  • -02/16: “Men seeking cosmetic procedures”
  • -07/15: “Treatment popular with transgender patients”
  • -03/15: “Low-level hair laser therapy”
  • -09/13: “Robotic Hair Restoration”
  • -02/13: “Low Level Laser For Hair Loss”
  • -02/12: “Seasonal Hair Loss”
  • -05/11: “Are You Going Bald and Wonder Why?”
  • -11/10: “Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss”
  • -05/10: “NeoGraft hair transplant procedure”
  • -06/09: “Doctor holds hair transplant contest”
  • -03/08: “Genetic Hair Test”
  • -09/07: “A doctor uses laser treatments to help promote the regrowth of a cancer patient’s hair”
  • -09/05: “From There to Hair: Causes of Hair Loss”
  • -01/05: “Important Questions to Ask About Botox- Seek Physicians Who Use FDA-Approved Solution”
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  • -05/03: “Luce® LDS 100”

“Great Gifts for Guys” (Copper Chemist)

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“Men’s Grooming from summer to fall” (Copper Chemist)

  • -09/16: WBFF-TV (FOX) (Baltimore, MD)

“High-profile patients of Dr. Leonard raising money at Del Frisco’s ”

  • -07/17: WFXT-TV (FOX) (Boston, MA)

“Welker opens up about concussions, life after football”

  • -07/16: WFXT-TV (FOX) (Boston, MA)

“Boston athletes come together to support local charity event for Dr. Leonard”

  • – 07/17: WHDH (Ch. 7) (Boston, MA)

“Wes Welker, Brian Scalabrine Talk Leonard Hair Transplant Associates”

  • 07/17: New England Sports Network (NESN)

“Wes Welker, Rob Ninkovich Work with Dr. Robert Leonard During Celebrity Dinner”

  • 07/16: New England Sports Network (NESN)

“Wes Welker: Never stop thinking about Super Bowl incompletion”

  • 0716: Comcast Sports Net New England (Boston, MA)

Atlanta & Company: “Favorite Father’s Day Gifts

  • -06/16: WXIA (NBC) (Atlanta, GA)

Low Level Laser Light Therapy in the Treatment of Hair Loss in Women and Men

  • -03/07: WCVB (ABC) (Boston, MA)

Thinning Hair in Women by Pat Mastors

  • – 02/05: WPRI-TV (CBS) (Providence, RI)

Health Beat: Hair Loss Treatments Put to the Test. Doctor Offers New Options

  • – 05/03: WCVB-TV5 (Boston, MA)

Health Report Segment: “Fighting Hair Loss with Lasers” Interview of Dr. Leonard and a Client

  • – 10/02: WPRI (CBS) (Providence, RI)

Health Beat on Nightly News: “Hair Raising” Interview of Dr. Leonard Regarding Low Level Laser

  • – 09/02: WCVB (ABC) (Boston, MA)

“Latest Treatments in Hair Removal”

  • – 09/98: WNAC (Fox 64) (Providence, RI)

“Baby Boomers: Stopping the Clock” with Ginger Casey

  • – 03/95: WJAR (NBC) (Providence, RI)

TOPIC: “Hair Loss” with Frank Coletta

  • – 05/93: “Doctor On Call” WJAR (NBC) (Providence, RI)

TOPIC: “Hair Loss” with Patrice Wood

  • – 04/93: “Doctor On Call” WJAR (NBC) (Providence, RI)