Director of Hair Health Institute and Founder of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates

We are happy to announce that significant improvements and technologic advancements have been made to the CapillusRxTM laser cap for more patient comfort, convenience, and treatment compliance.

What is Low Level Laser Therapy (Photobiomodulation)?

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
or Photobiomodulation

Let’s get to basics on what Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or Photobiomodulation, which is a more correct term regarding the science of laser therapy. This word breaks down as follows:

Photo = Light
Bio = Living Tissue
Modulation = Making a change or impact

Laser is a device that generates an intense beam of coherent monochromatic light by stimulated emission of photons from excited atoms or molecules.  What is important to know about this definition is that it is a single wavelength of light and that wavelength is not UV.  This means that there is no concern with skin cancer or burning of the skin with the CapillusRx™ laser cap.

The other important fact about laser is that it is collimated light, which means that the beam of light is straight and does not spread; think how a laser pointer is a precise tight light beam.  True laser diodes penetrate the skin more deeply (in our case, to the level just below the hair follicles) where they do their work for us to treat your hair loss.

This type of light energy can be compared that to LED (Light Emitting Device), which is non-collimated light. These “beams” spread in a cone-like fashion that do not penetrate as deeply into the skin; therefore, are less effective in treating your hair loss.

Another issue that comes up to me often is that people first think of  lasers as : “hot”, “burning”, and “destruction of tissue” because the type of lasers used in hair removal or in photorejuvenation of the skin to treat wrinkles are, indeed, heat-generating “hot” lasers.  This is NOT what Low-Level Laser or Photobiomodulation does. Thank God for that!

Why Do We Lose Our Hair?

If you are looking into medically effective therapies to treat you thinning hair or balding, you probably already know that 98% of hair loss is genetic. You just have to look into the hair status of members of both sides of your family, looking back a few generations, and you now know why your hair is falling out.

Hair loss is polygenetic, which means that bits of genetic information from both sides of your family are taken into account for your hair loss. This genetic information is additive; so, for example, if your mother’s grandmother was a woman with thin hair or your father’s brother was bald, then this is where your pattern of hair loss is from. And…you can’t change those genes!

As you have noticed, with male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss—both of which are also called androgenetic alopecia, didn’t happen overnight! It takes months to years for hair loss to occur before it is noticed. Hair doesn’t just fall out overnight. What happens is that, genetically determined, the hair cycle begins to turn off. This process, which is progressive throughout life, is called miniaturization. It is an important concept to understand.

In both women and men, over months to years, the hair follicles actually shrink in size. As this happens, the size of the hair shafts they produce also miniaturize. The hairs that we see gradually become shorter and finer and with less pigment. As more and more of these miniaturized hairs replace the robust, thick, long ones that we love, thinning becomes noticeable.

A statistic about this process is: after 50% of the hairs on your scalp have already fallen out is when you just begin to notice thinning! It is astounding and frightening! This means that the process of miniaturization is happening for a long time before it is recognized. This is why, for more than 34 years, I have encouraged my patients to treat their hair loss right away and not to wait. Because if they wait, then they definitely will have less hair at their next office examination.

So, Physiologically, Why Does Miniaturization Occur?

A major cause of hair shedding and hair loss is decreased blood flow at the level of the hair follicles themselves.  There are between 100,000 to 150,000 follicles on the human scalp.  Each and every one of them has its own tiny arteriole and venule!  These vessels coalesce into an important network of blood vessels within the scalp.  Again, because of your genetics, there is a decrease in blood flow right there, which directly feeds your follicles of oxygen, nutrients, etc.  This triggers follicular miniaturization and the process of losing your hair.  The really bad news is that this process is progressive throughout your life.

How Does Photobiomodulation Work to Treat Hair Loss?

The CapillusRx™ laser cap, with its 312 laser diodes, works in a couple of ways to stabilize further progression of thinning and shedding and also to re-grow those tiny miniaturized hairs into thicker, fuller, and longer terminal hairs. As indicated already, the major effect from this advanced device is to increase that blood flow in the scalp’s capillary network, which directly feeds the follicles with oxygen and nutrients and removes cellular metabolic toxins. Additionally, the CapillusRx™ stimulates the mitochondria of the cells, which are the workhouses of cellular activity of all cells.

Is More, Better? Yes and No!

Remember, I indicated that a true laser is coherent light energy that does not spread beyond its thin beam; this is important. More is better in that the greater number of laser diodes in a device, the better the coverage on the blood supply. I call it laser density. Think about it. The closer those laser beams are in a situated in a device—the more numbers of diodes within a given unit—the more stimulation of the blood supply. The CapillusRx™ laser cap has a whopping 312 lasers! In this case, more definitely is better.

More is not better when it comes to the amount of time the laser is used per treatment; in other words, using the laser for a longer time than it is prescribed to do is not good. It can, in fact, be counterproductive in treating your hair loss. More is also not better if the device is used more frequently that it is supposed to be used—meaning using it more often than it is recommended.

The CapillusRx™ is designed to provide just the right amount of treatment time and frequency.

How Has Low Level Laser Therapy Changed Over the Years to Treat Androgenetic Alopecia?

Throughout my long career in taking care of men and women who are losing their hair, I have strived to research and to then recommend the very best and most beneficial medical and surgical treatments for my patients.

As a pioneer in the field of hair restoration surgery after founding Leonard Hair Transplant Associates, I helped to revolutionize surgical hair restoration techniques beginning in the late 1980’s all the way through today. I have been very involved lecturing, since the very early days of the creation of the hair loss medications, Rogaine™ and Propecia™, to doctors, media outlets, and the general public around the world about their benefits and their side effects.

Through the Hair Health Institute, beginning in 2002, I investigated the totally new therapy of Low Level Laser Therapy (Photobiomodulation) to treat hair loss. It was long before any studies had been established, but a physician friend of mine had been using it with great success in another state. I bought my first in-office machine and used it on my first 50 patients for a year without charge to them. The first devices we had were large machines that required patients to come into the office for therapy—a lot of times. In fact, over 40 times during the year-long protocol!

Well, it’s history from there…we had 15 devices, in three different offices working five days per week for about 19.5 years. Hair Heath Institute offered more laser hair therapy than any facility in the country!

Thankfully, more than eight years ago, the Capillus company began to offer a laser cap device for patients to use at home. It provided freedom to get excellent therapy in the comfort of one’s own home, office, car, or anywhere!

This first device we offered contained only 272 laser diodes embedded into a hard-plastic shell that fit into a baseball cap, which was not particularly comfortable to wear. The lasers in that device pulsed or flashed off and on during the half-hour, every-other-day treatment protocol. It was lightyears ahead of the office-based devices as well as any other home-use device in the marketplace, but it was quite difficult for many patients to be compliant with its protocol. That device had to actively be turned on and off; it didn’t automatically turn off, so you had to stay awake sometimes late at night until the treatment time elapsed. I can tell you that I often fell asleep with the device still on! You also had to remember if you used it the day before or not; guilty with that, too. Finally, if you took the cap off while it was operating, the lasers would shine all over the room, which is not a good thing. That device had only a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The CapillusRx : State of the Art Technology Coupled with Comfort and Excellent Results

The CapillusRx™
State of the Art

The new CapillusRx™ is the culmination of all of the thoughtful enhancements made from the original Capillus laser device. With my nearly 30 years of experience using this effective hair loss technology, I know this to be the best laser device available anywhere in the world.

  • 90% efficacy to stabilize hair loss
  • 60% effectiveness to regrow miniaturized hairs
  • Because the lasers no longer flash or pulse, treatment time is just six minutes each day
  • It is used in the privacy and comfort of your home or while you are travelling
  • It has 1560mW of energy with a total of 312 diodes—the most of any such device available
  • It is made as a soft, flexible shell that is lined with medical-grade silicone, which makes it very comfortable to wear
  • The battery is small and powerful
  • There is a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for the CapillusRx™
  • The CapillusRx™ is cleared by the United States FDA for safety and efficacy
  • There are no side effects with the use of the CapillusRx™ laser device
  • $ 3500 , 5yrs at the minimum = $ 1.92 / day!!! Less than a cup of coffee to keep your hair