Mission Statement

To impart honest and caring knowledge of how important healthy hair is to individuals’ self-esteem and their desire to have the thickest, healthiest, fullest, and most luxurious hair possible through non-surgical means.

Our Team

Dr. Robert Leonard


Dr. Leonard’s interest in hair began during his Internship in 1986 when he met Dr. CP Chambers of Chambers Hair Institute who became his dear mentor. He began a career in hair restoration surgery, which brought him to founding Leonard Hair Transplant Associates in 1989. He grew this unique medical practice into one of the largest and most respected private practices in that specialty in the world.

Always with a keen interest in reaching higher goals for himself and for his patients, he became very active in the newly established International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and was elected its President in 1995. He has been intimately involved with the ISHRS to this day.

Taking care of many thousands of people experiencing hair thinning and loss, he quickly branched out with the holistic approach of total spectrum hair care. One of the most important topics that he teaches to his colleagues and patients is the necessity to stop further progression in people experiencing hair loss. In addition, to offer non-surgical remedies to provide the healthiest scalps and, therefore, the healthiest follicles to grow the most luxurious hair possible for all individuals seeking his expertise.

With all of this in his mind, Dr. Robert Leonard established the Hair Health Institute in 2002 to provide office-based low level laser therapy to his patients. He initially offered a popular hair care product line, but soon realized that, with a lot of research, he could make it a far better, which he did! A tremendous amount of scientific, natural-based knowledge has evolved over nearly 20 years leading this business.

I respectfully invite you to fully explore our website and to contact us with any questions you may have. My superlative team and I make ourselves available to you for any questions that you may have about the tremendous AUXO A300TM laser device for hair thinning and the luxurious Copper ChemistTM scalp and hair care line of products. My Hair Health Institute Team’s goal is to totally help you to find what you are looking for regarding your hair health!

Libby Manocchia

Chief Care Officer

Libby’s initial involvement with Dr. Leonard was far from involvement with hair care. He was, in fact, the contractor who built out the first Leonard Hair Transplant Associates (LHTA) facility in Providence, Rhode Island, and went on to build their longstanding Cranston offices. Little did anyone know that, in just a few years later, Libby would become Doc’s advisor and all around righthand man culminating in the position of Chief Operating Officer of LHTA for more than 20+ years.

If you ask any patient or business associate or even the letter carrier who has interacted with Libby at some point about what kind of a man he is, they all would answer that he first is a gentleman in all respects of that word and also guy who cares deeply about how they are treated and that they are cared for in a truly respectful and proper manner.

Libby is the passionate expert individual who makes all who interact with the Hair Health Institute feel like family as well as to be confident that all the information we provide to them is, indeed, realistic and honest.

Libby can be reached at: libby@hairhealth.org or at (401)922-2100

Jackie Beaulac

Chief Management Officer

Jackie’s introduction to Dr. Leonard was one of many sales representatives from the Boston radio media market with whom he conducted business at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates.  One of her best qualities recognized by Doc many years ago was her loyalty to her client.  Sure, she worked for the company she represented; however, she made it clear that she would be looking out for her client’s best interest.  Dr. Robert Leonard admires loyalty and honesty in those with whom he interacts. So, when Jackie decided to change careers, Hair Health Institute gladly scooped her up!

Jackie is tenacious in getting the job done on time and with perfection.  She is the daily  face and voice of those who make initial with contact the Hair Health Institute.  Her smile is representative of her personality, which exudes friendliness and understanding of our clients’ concerns about the particular hair situation they find themselves experiencing.

She will take care of any concern you may have and get it resolved herself or will bump it up to Dr. Leonard for his participation in getting it solved.  She is great to talk with during any step in the process of restoring your hair and scalp to the condition it should once again be.

Jackie can be reached at jackie@hairhealth.org or at (401)922-2100